Who are we?

We are the pioneers of Audio – Video Cables & Converters.  We are Black-I, an Indian Owned Audio-Visual Brand, Operated by our Company Black Cat India Which has been Established For Over 25+ Years in Bangalore.

We are committed to provide superior quality and certified products at the best price point. Being in this industry for more than 25 years we are driven to fulfill all our customer’s requirements Effectively.

Quality : 

We provide our Clients With an Incredible Experience by making the Best Professional Audio-Video Accessories in the World.
Our Products offer the Best Quality, Inspire Simplicity & Provides Incredible Value.

With new technologies that improve audio & video technology and stimulate innovation, we will continue to evolve and challenge old paradigms.

Affordability :

With quality, we promise our customers the best in class price. With a desire to serve the best quality products we even want our customers to be happy at the given price point.

With Quality Comes our Innovative Technology Which Helps Affordability & We Are dedicated to provide High Quality Products at affordable prices without Compromising On Quality.

Durability : 

Our vision is to serve our customers with durable products. 

All products under our brand comes with a 3-year replacement warranty. We assure each and every product passes the quality check so that we have a bunch of happy customers

Meet our team

Our mission

Technology surely has changed But one thing that hasn’t changed is Black-I’s commitment to our customers. 

As Black-I’s, we stand for one thing above all else – exceeding our customer’s expectations every time with new and innovative high-value products and the same old fashioned customer service that built our business.

We know in today’s busy world, you have more important things to worry about than connectivity products. That is why we strive every day to make your life, and connectivity a little easier.

Founder of Black cat India, Mr. Bimal Kothari Says, ” A true Leader has the Confidence to Stand alone, Has the Courage to take Difficult Decision’s, and the Compassion to Listen To needs of others”.

Our Mission & Our Products Resonates with the Sales team that are Finding new ways to Reach Potential Customers & Leave a lasting Impression on them.

CFO Deepak Kothari say’s, It goes without a doubt that no Business, Big or Small, Can Win over the Long run without their motivated Employees who Believe’s in company’s Mission & Work towards It.

As Henry Ford said, “Stopping Advertising to Save money is like Stopping  your Watch to save Time.”
We Adapt With New Innovations as Per Trend & Reach our Marketing Goals As & When Needed.

Are you ready to become a part of this team?

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